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We uncover gems, invest in their potential,

elevate them to new heights in the blockchain realm.

About Us

Triple Gem Capital

Stands as a worldwide fund with a laser focus
on catalyzing early-stage investments in the evolving
landscape of web3.
Anticipating and supporting groundbreaking innovations that
are poised to shape the decentralized future.

Our mission revolves around identifying and nurturing projects that embody the spirit of innovation integral to tomorrow's decentralized world.

Through strategic investments and a global perspective,
Triple Gem Capital is dedicated to propelling the advancement of cutting-edge solutions within the web3 ecosystem.

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What Triple Gem Capital Offers

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Strategic Investment

We empower brilliant minds at the nexus of technology and blockchain, providing strategic financing to propel innovative ventures towards success and foster a thriving ecosystem where technological brilliance meets blockchain's transformative potential.

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Advisory & Incubation

We offer insights, innovative approaches, and the latest trends, providing more than just funding —our commitment lies in guiding and empowering ventures with strategic know-how for success in this evolving industry.

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Marketing Strategy

Crafting content, implementing growth hacks, and building communities are key elements of our strategy, driving sustained growth and engagement.

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Network of Networks

Cultivating strategic partnerships with top-tier VC launchpads and investors, fostering robust connections that not only elevate the visibility of the projects but also create valuable opportunities within the dynamic landscape of the investment ecosystem.

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Our Values, Our Worth

We view the world through the lens of builders, leveraging years of expertise in the web3 arena. Our collaborative efforts extend to partnering with trailblazing innovators and esteemed thought leaders within the industry.

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40+ projects invested (DeFi,GameFi, NFT, Metaverse, Protocols, AI)

$200 million+ market valuation investments and fund management

100+ Venture Partners

50+ Launchpad Partners

100+ KOL Partners

Our Partner

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Our Portfolio

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